Welcome to Begnas Lake Resort...

Surrounded by pristine Nature, with gurgling mountain springs forming natural boundaries on either side, the Begnas Lake Resort spans a whole hillside of unspoilt forestland. To the North and the North-East are the great Himalayan snowy peaks, below which lie terraced paddy fields and the tranquil Begnas Lake, lending a perfect picture frame for the window of every guestroom. Surrounding the resort area are Chestnut, Orange and other fruit bearing trees interspersed by bushes of Coffee, Cardamom and flowering plants. The entire resort breathes of pure, unadulterated Nature. In this healing and life-nourishing environment, we have established the Himalayan Nature Spa that offers a wide range of classical Ayurvedic treatments as well as soothing and rejuvenating massages conducted by an experienced team of Ayurveda experts from Kerala.




Please note, our resort has only two official email id; info@begnaslakeresort.com & begnasresort@gmail.com. Kindly ignore any email you may receive using the word "begnas" as this is being misused by unrelated parties to poach on our business interests or give out false information.