No holiday in Nepal is complete without a visit to the scenic valley of Pokhara. And the most beautiful part of this valley is the Begnas area which still remains relatively untouched and unaffected by tourism. Guests who visit this area come back again and again to explore the surrounding hills, and villages inhabited by various ethnic people. In order to explore ideas of a suitable holiday please surf through the Intertours Nepal website


Dip in The Pool

Take a refreshing dip in our stone swimming pool. The water here comes from a nearby mountain spring.



The Jimire restaurant offers a wide choice of delectable cuisines from the Continent as also from the Orient and the Himalayas.

Snacks and Cocktails

Kodo Bar, named after a popular and potent local brew as also the poolside bar, Saili-Maili are well-stocked with choicest foreign and local liquors, wines and beers.