Experience Begnas

Resort And Villas

Rooms are all built on old paddy terraces and all north facing - 16 Deluxe (standard) Rooms, 12 Superior Rooms, 4 Waterfront Cottages, 8 Premier Rooms and 2 Luxury Suites, built close to the water's edge with picture-window view of the magnificent countryside and the mighty snow-clad Himalayan peaks with three mountain peaks over 8,000 meters high. All rooms are spacious and built in ethnic Gurung style stone-houses. All accommodation units are interspersed with fruit trees and flowering bushes. Guestrooms are temperature controlled and tastefully appointed in teakwood, terracotta and cane. All bathrooms are attached, large and done in rough stone and slate with running hot and cold water. For more details of room categories and applicable rates please refer to the Tariff & Room Category section.
There are several interesting village trails criss-crossing the Begnas area offering possibilities of day hikes ranging from 2 to 6 hours depending on one's interest. There are several colourful villages in the vicinity that one can visit to study the life-style of Nepal's ethnic hill people. Guests can go bird-watching, nature-walking, boating or even line-fishing in the lake. Otherwise, the chemical-free spring water pool is always there for a refreshing dip. For those interested in Yoga and Meditation, we have a pavilion in a quiet corner of the garden. Sessions with a qualified instructor can be arranged only with prior booking. There is the Himalayan Nature Spa which guests can visit for rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies such as massages, medicinal steam baths etc. Sightseeing tour of Pokhara town and its bazaars can also be arranged. For the mountain lover, three major peaks over 8,000 metres belonging to the Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu mountain ranges are clearly visible from here.


The Lake Side

Unlike the Phewa lakeside in Pokhara town which is overcrowded with a long string of touristic shops, loud restaurants and bars, the Begnas lakeside by contrast is quiet with hardly any habitation at all. The southern bank is thickly forested attracting a wide range of smaller animals and birds reflecting its pristine images on the tranquil lake. You may see the flash of a diving cormorant, the vibrant colours of a passing Kingfisher, the flutter of pheasants or the chatter of monkeys. After nightfall it is not uncommon to hear the growl of the spotted leopard. The Begnas is well known for a large variety of sweet-water fish, some as big or over 20Kg. The northern shore is a wide slope along a longish hill of terraced paddy fields and mud farmhouses. Above the northern hill ridge one can see the snow clad Annapurna massif towering above the surrounding scenery.

Dip in the Pool

Take a refreshing dip in our stone swimming pool. The water here comes from a nearby mountain spring. Since this is a continuously changing water body, the excess water passes on into the lake. In order to preserve the aquatic life in the Begnas, we do not use any chemicals in our pool.


To ensure our guests' safety and comfort the resort has its own boats ranging from 4-seaters to 12-seaters. The bigger boats are built in "Shikara" style and have colourful canopies on top for protection against the sun and rain. All our boats are hand-rowed as motor-boats are prohibited in the lake to avoid fuel and noise pollution. It takes 20 minutes by boat Begnas bazaar boat station to the resort. Life-jackets are available for children and the elderly.

Wooden Raft

On the lake front there is a 25 sq. m wooden raft anchored to the shore. It is large enough to take in six sun beds with sun umbrellas or up to ten guests for a Yoga session. Guests often use this to dive into the lake for a swim or sit with fishing lines hoping to get a catch. There is a quiet pebbled area with benches nearby for book lovers wanting to catch up with their read or to just sit, soak in the surrounding scenery and connect with Nature.
For those interested in Yoga and Meditation, we have a covered Pavilion in a quiet corner of the garden where group sessions are held every morning and afternoon by our Yogacharyas.

The Garden Pavilion can accomodate up to 12 persons comfortably. For larger groups we use the garden areas by the pool. During colder months; December till February, Yoga classes are shifted indoors to our heated seminar halls. Individual consultations and private yoga lessons can be arranged with prior booking.
"The old Sanskrit word, Ayurveda is a conjunction of two words; 'Ayur' means life and 'Veda' means science or knowledge. Hence, simply put, Ayurveda is the Science of Life.

According to ancient Hindu beliefs, Ayurveda was gifted to mankind by Lord Brahma (Creator of the Universe) to help us lead a healthy and fruitful life free from mortal ailments. Believed to be the oldest and most complete medical science known to mankind this is one primordial therapeutic discipline that is so amazingly in-depth and yet so wonderfully simple to learn, practice and advocate that even 5000 years after it evolved, it is still one of the most sought after holistic health sciences worldwide.

The primary reason for this is perhaps, Ayurveda is homogenous with Mother Nature and advocates a way of life in tandem with her. It focuses on holistic well-being and postulates that a healthy Mind can only be found in a healthy Body and that it is absolutely essential to lead and live Life to its fullest as Mother Nature intended. Today we are awakened to the importance of safeguarding Nature and living in harmony with her and hence perhaps, this renewed interest in Ayurveda.

Because of the immense bio-diversity of the sub-Himalayan region, it is in these hills and mountains that rare medicinal herbs were found by our ancient sages and seers, grown and experimented with over the centuries to arrive at medicinal formulations for the restoration and preservation of good health. Ancient manuscripts bear testimony to this. In that sense, it can safely be assumed that Ayurveda as a science had its origin in the Himalayas. This ancient science does not emphasize on fighting specific diseases as such but focuses on the wellbeing of the whole system, thereby helping us to develop total good health. No wonder then, that Ayurveda in its various forms still continues to be a popular mode of treatment in the Himalayan region as also in the Indian subcontinent.

Most of our herbal concoctions and therapeutic oils are sourced directly from well-established and reputed, old Ayurvedic medicinal manufacturers in Kerala. Since many rare medicinal herbs are found only in the Himalayan foothills, we are in the process of setting up our own in-house production under the guidance of experienced professional Ayurveda physicians and practitioners. In the meantime, we continue to source and use local herbs and plant products in many of our treatments, thus helping integrate indigenous Ayurvedic knowledge with that of South India.

Our Ayurveda team consists of well qualified and competent resident Ayurveda Doctors together with professional male and female Therapists. The team is supported by trainee therapists keen on learning the ancient art of healing. As Ayurveda propagates a holistic approach to good health, importance is always given to the co-ordination between the Doctors, Therapists, food Chefs and Yogacharyas to address every individual treatment guest's specific needs."
Kodo Bar, named after a popular and potent local brew as also the poolside bar, Saili-Maili are well-stocked with choicest foreign and local liquors, wines and beers. Discover your favourite cocktail from among a wide range of popular as well as innovative in-house concoctions that are available 11AM onwards. We have a "Happy Hour" every evening from 5 till 7PM at the Kodo Bar when two drinks are served for the price of one. You are invited to a free snacks buffet to go with your evening apéritif. Cheers!
We have an Ayurveda spa in a quiet and forested part of the resort. The Himalayan Nature Spa offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments conducted by fully trained and experienced therapists under the strict supervision of a well qualified Ayurveda doctor from Kerala. The treatments are a combination of classical Ayurveda from South India together with a combination of fresh medicinal herbs available only in the Himalayas. So what we offer is, the best of both worlds. We have regular long-staying resident guests seeking treatments for physical Rejuvenation, Stress Management, Body Purification, Weight Loss, Joint Aches, Skin care, Beauty care etc; For the casual spa visitor, relaxing herbal oil massages of various kinds, medicinal steam-baths, medicinal oil head-baths, herbal powder massage, herbal face-packs etc; are all on offer. For detailed information on our Ayurveda treatment packages please look under the "Ayurveda & Yoga" section.
The Jimire restaurant offers a wide choice of delectable cuisines from the Continent as also from the Orient and the Himalayas. The large Sun-Terrace comfortably accommodates those who enjoy dining in the open. The Kodo bar as also the poolside Saili-Maili are well-stocked with choicest foreign and local liquors and will serve your favourite snacks and a selection of beers and cocktails. Guests following Ayurvedic treatments can choose to dine from a range of vegetarian Ayurvedic dishes. Seasonal fruit juices and Ayurvedic herbal drinks are available throughout the day. Most vegetables, spices and herbs are grown within the resort premises using organic farming methods.
The General Manager with his team of Managers and Supervisors are available at all times of the day. Most of our staff members are from the surrounding villages.