Special Ayurveda Food Menu


At The Begnas Lake Resort & Villas it is our Company Policy to source only pure and fresh ingredients that go into preparing your meals. For several years now, we have been growing our own Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Spices within and near the resort premises using only organic manure from our kitchen and garden wastes. Similarly, we raise our own Fish and free-run Poultry stocks while plans are afoot to have our own Dairy supplies.

We have taken these initiatives in order to ensure that no harmful chemicals or artificial additives get into our food chain. Understandably, shortfalls in production are made up with local purchases or sourced from the city. Our Chefs too are trained to maintain high levels of hygiene while preparing food so that our guests are assured of a safe and enjoyable dining experience while with us. In the end, aren't we all, what we eat ?
Mentioned in this menu are some of our vegetarian delights for your dining pleasure and for those guests seeking the health benefits of Ayurveda at The Himalayan Nature Spa. All food items are prepared using Himalayan rock salt for added flavour and health benefits.

Seasonal fresh Fruit juice
Bowl of fresh seasonal Fruits
Selection of organically grown Tea or Coffee

Cornflakes / Muesli / Oat Porridge
Daalia (Wheat grit porridge with cinnamon, cardamom & cloves)
Pancakes with fresh Lime / Himalayan Honey / Marmalade
Bread basket with Himalayan Honey / Fruit Jam / Marmalade

Aloo Paraatha (2 pcs.) with fresh Yoghurt
Puri Aloo-Sabzi (2 pcs.) with pickle
Idli-Saambar with roasted Gram/Coconut chutney
Aappam (rice and coconut milk pancakes with Kerala vegetable stew)

Makai ko Roti (Nepali style Corn bread – 2 pcs.) with Himalayan Honey
Kodo ko Roti (Nepali style Millet bread – 2 pcs.) with Himalayan Honey
Makai ko Chyakhla (cooked Corn grits) with Milk & Himalayan Honey
Chiura ko Pulao (softly cooked beaten rice with finely chopped vegetables & herbs)
Suji ko Uppama (semolina with lentils, seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves)
Vegetable clear Soup (garden fresh vegetables in a clear broth)
Cream Soup of Vegetable or Mushroom or Asparagus or Tomato
Miso (classical Japanese soup from fermented Soya beans)
Soba Noodle Soup (Himalayan Buck-Wheat & vegetables)
Mulligatawney (Indian soup from Lentils & vegetable stock)
Vegetable Thukpa (Tibetan noodle and mixed vegetable soup)
Vegetable Tom Kha (Thai soup with Lemon grass, Galang & Coconut milk)
Vegetable Won-Ton (Chinese vegetable dumplings in clear broth)
Vegetable Sweet-Corn (Chinese thick soup with vegetable cubes & Sweet–Corn)
Hinjo (Burmese Fish soup with shredded Gourd/Cabbage)
Pharsi ko Suruwa (golden ripe Pumpkin soup seasoned with cumin and ginger)
Aloo-Tamaa ko Suruwa (Nepali style Potato & Bamboo-shoot Soup)
Gundruk ko Jhol (Nepali style Soup of fermented greens & Tomato)

Mixed Vegetable Salad with a choice of dressing and tossed with seeds & nuts
Mixed Bean Salad (Bean salad with crushed cumin seed and a squeeze of lime)
Cucumber, Carrot, Radish and Onion Salad tossed with lime and black pepper
Spinach Salad (blanched Spinach in Soya and roasted Sesame seed sauce)

Garden fresh Vegetables sautéed in butter
Steamed Vegetables with buttered parsley potatoes
Baked Vegetables in Cheese & Spinach sauce
Kocchi Stew (vegetable stew in cream of Coconut sauce)
Saag-Daal (Spinach in lentil sauce)
Sukhi-Missi Sabzi (dry mixed vegetable curry, Indian style)
Palak Paneer (pureed Spinach with cottage Cheese)
Aloo-Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower curry)
Mixed vegetable Avial (Kerala's favourite)
Bitter-Gourd Khichhadi (Bitter-gourd cooked in fresh mustard and Coconut sauce)
Vegetable Thorai (cubed vegetables sautéed with grated Coconut)
Pakoda-Kaddhi (fried vegetable balls cooked in Yoghurt sauce)
Vegetable & Paneer Tikka (barbecued Vegetables & cottage Cheese cubes)
Thai Vegetable Curry (mixed Vegetables in Green curry and coconut milk sauce)
Aubergine & French Bean Teriyaki (grilled to perfection in Japanese sauces)
Lukla Simi ko Jhol (light curry of Lukla mountain Beans grown above 3000m)
Kwaanti ko Jhol (light curry of mixed Himalayan Beans)
Alu-Simi Tarkari (Potato and Mustang black bean curry)
Mis-maas Tarkari (seasonal vegetable curry, Nepali style)
Vegetable Momo (steamed Tibetan Dumplings with sesame/tomato chutney)
Palung-Tofu (Tofu cooked in pureed Spinach)
Nepali Tomato Chutney (with Garlic & 'Timur' – Zanthoxylum Armatum)
Nepali Alu ko Achaar (potato salad with roasted Sesame seeds & Lime juice)

Daal Maharani (Indian style Lentil sauce)
Bukhara Daal (cooked whole brown Lentils in a thick creamy sauce)
Kaalo Daal (Nepali black Lentils spiked with mountain herbs)
Musuro Daal (split red Lentil sauce spiked with cumin seeds, Nepali style)
Mustangi Daal (sauce of Lentils grown in the upper Mustang valley, 3200m)
Vegetable Saambar (mixed vegetables cooked with Lentils, Kerala style)

Fresh catch from the Lake
Grilled Begnas Fish (served with parsley Potatoes and buttered Vegetables)
Oriental Ginger Fish (steamed Vegetables, Mushroom and Bamboo-shoot with Ginger)
Maacher Jhol (Bengali Fish curry cooked in mustard sauce with black cumin seeds)
Maach Bhaaja (Bengali spicy fried Fish)
Fish Moilee (Kerala style Fish curry cooked with Coconut milk)
Maachaa Bhuteko (Nepali style fried Fish)
Rasilo Maachaa (Fish curry, Nepali style)

Pokhreli plain steamed Rice
Pokhreli Brown Rice
Kala Marci Rice (unique red rice grown in the Jumla Himalayas around 2800m)
Vegetable Pulao
Chappati (Indian leavened wheat Bread – 2 pcs.)
Tandoori Roti (Indian wheat Bread from the Clay oven – 2 pcs.)
Tandoori Naan (Indian baked Bread from the clay oven – 2 cut pcs.)
Paraatha (Indian buttered wheat Bread – 2 pcs.)
Makai ko Dhendo (cooked ground Maize)
Kodo ko Dhendo (cooked ground Millet)
Makai ko Chyakhla (cooked Corn grits)
Home made Noodles with mixed Vegetables
Nepali Roti (Bread made from Wheat, Maize, Millet or Buck-Wheat – 2 pcs.)

Gajar ko Halwa (Carrot pudding)
Kheer (sweet Rice pudding with raisins & nuts)
Shikarni (spiced, sweetened Yoghurt)
Cream Caramel
Banana Pancake
Banana / Apple Fritters
Darjeeling Tea / Himalayan Coffee

Notes: Though Fish items are featured in our special menu, they are not included in the Ayurveda treatment package arrangement. Further, for certain Ayurveda treatments there may be dietary restrictions placed for Fish by our resident Ayurveda doctor. Please consult before ordering.