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Rupa Tal & Pachhbhaiya
(3-4 hours)

From Sundari Danda take a narrow village trail descending steeply south to the Rupa lake. In parts it is a pleasant walk through quiet forested areas particularly once you arrive at the Rupa, a longish natural lake. Walk along its western bank ascending slowly through a thick forest of hardwood trees which gently gives way to terraced paddy-fields and to the settlements above. Visit Pachhbhaiya, one of the largest of the surrounding villages inhabited mostly by the Bahun-Chettri (priests and warriors) clans as well as by the Kami (black-smith), Damai (tailor) and Sarki (cobbler). It is interesting to see these diverse Hindu upper and lower castes co-exist happily for generations. This village prides itself for its large UN funded school in the area and the fact that unlike in other parts of the country almost all families are reasonably well off and fairly educated. Walk back along a wide mud-track to your resort.